Friday, June 12, 2015

Tender-Roasted Sweetness: White Apricots

Hello hungry fellows! What's up?
It is so damn hot here in Switzerland! Hot damn! And I am getting ever lazier. There are a only few things left to do for University before I can enjoy my semester holidays and if I finally managed to get up and did this EFFICIENTLY, it would not take very long, frankly speaking. But as you might know, I am easily distracted. And distraction is frequent these days. Like, for example, the sweet distraction I really wanna share with you guys today! 

And my new resolutions about sports and nutrition, well, they have been made use of but...but. Yeah. It was hot outside. And I had to realise that I totally can be knocked out by one single workout. Thanks, Jackie Warner, for your wonderful 2in1 Workout that made me walk like a fool for at least three days! 
But I won't give up, of course. I am gonna have a rendez-vous with virtual DVD-Jackie tomorrow again and I do not know if I am ready for this. I guess not.

So let's turn to more pleasing stuff. More tender, sweet and nice-to-look-at stuff. Like those lovely, roundish guys here: white apricots. God, I love fruit-season!
So I decided to prepare them in a new way. I mean, sure, who does not love fruit smoothies and fruit salad, but it's nothing that would strike you, right?
So I decided the white apricots to meet the oven. And some other tempting, charming sweet and sour companions. For example birch sugar (this is one of my favourites right now: no calories, good for your teeth but damn close to sugar). And basil. And lavender.

And, people, I have to say (sorry for self-complimenting): what came out definitely falls into the category "must-try". Especially because it's easy, ideal for a lovely, warm evening with friends and family. 
So, promise you try these:

Oven-Roasted White Apricots with Lavender-Basil-Lemon-Dressing

ingredients (4 people):

12-14 white apricots
4 tablespoons birch sugar (you can also tak real one, birch sugar is however awesome for thos who want to watch their sugar-intake)
3 tablespoons yogurt
6 tablespoons birch sugar
1 lemon
1 handful basil
1 tablespoon lavender


1. preheat the oven on 200° C and cut the apricots in half, spread the birch sugar on them and roast for about 10 minutes
2. bring the lemon juice with brich sugar and lavender to a boil, sieve and mix with hashed basil and yogurt
3. serve the warm apricots topped with the yogurt sauce and enjoy!


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