Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Salt, Pepper and Cumin

Hi there guys!
How are you? I am still as lazy as can be. Sorry for that one, I should stop rubbing that in, right?
So, what am I doing right now? I guess kinda everything that makes me feel useful in some way: sports, cleaning the house, side-jobs, and, of course, creating new recipes for you guys.

You already know my soft spot for cumin, don't you? (And the HIMYM fans amongst you will also have gotten the title, right?).
So, I really do know that cumin is a matter of taste. But the recipe I created for you combines so many different, lovely tastes that you might like to give it a try.
There are many positive aspects to it anyways: It emerged out of a try to do some left-over recycling. It took me at most about 10 minutes to prepare it. It is healthy. And it is colourful.

And well, I know it is the third salty recipe in a row. But I really hope that you are, just like me, still fed up with sweets thanks to Christmas and New Year's Eve. If not, feel free to complain, you sweet tooth-owner! 
My sister had prepared a lovely lamb-peanut-stew with sweet potatoes on monday and being left with tons of sweet potatoes, I have decided to reuse them for the following, quick, supertasty lunch:

roasted sweet-potato-tomato-mush with soy sauce, soft egg and cumin-pepper-curd

ingredients (2 people)

1 large, cooked sweet potato
12 cherry tomatoes
2 garlic cloves
200 g curd
4 teaspoons cumin
4 teaspoons sweet soy sauce
2 eggs
olive oil


1. preheat olive oil in a pan, then roast the roughly mashed sweet potato, cherry tomatoes and pressed garlic cloves, add sweet soy sauce, salt and pepper and put aside
2. roast eggs from both sides, about 2 minutes, making sure the egg yolk remains half liquid
3. mix curd with cumin, salt and pepper
4. serve everything together, adding your favourite herbs

See you, guys! And stay productive ;-)
Love, Flo