Monday, July 14, 2014

refreshing, colourful "threesome": creamy, summer-scented frozen yogurts

Good evening, guys! 
Summer is returning! I have already prepared myself for a rainy, wet, chilly summer, but, good news, I will not have to spend the rest of my semester holidays at home with a cheesy skin-colour. Instead, I, well, all of us, will have to get prepared for hot temperatures. And I am here to help you, guys. See what I brought along:

After having seen the weather forecast for next week, I did not only have the impulse to prepare some frozen yo'. No, I actually had the impulse to prepare loads of frozen yo'. With refreshing, colourful, summery ingredients. So I took a quick look at our supply (which was astonishingly manifold) and let the cookery-addict-part of my brain work to finally come up with:

* Blackberry-Rose-Frozen-Yogurt
* Lime-Peppermint-Lemon-Balm-Frozen Yogurt
* Honeydew-Melon-Lemon-Orange-Frozen-Yogurt

I have just tried them and my favorite flavour is definitely Rose-Blackberry. Not only due to the colour, of course. However, I'd say that Peppermint-Lime-Lemon-balm is the most refreshing one. You might like to prepare all frozen yogurts at once (If you have guests that might be a good idea, so that everyone can find their favourite flavour). Or you might like to test just one version. If so, you would have to divide the frozen-yo-basis by three. 

Ingredients and Preparation (for three tupperwares of 20x10 cm):

* Frozen-Yogurt-Basis

700 g greek yogurt
2,5 dl cream
300 g raw cane sugar
2 egg whites

1. Mix Yogurt and raw cane suagr
2. Whisk stiff egg whites and cream
3. Mix carefully and divide into three portions

* Lime-Peppermint-Lemon-Balm-Mix

2 handful peppermint
2 handful lemon balm
4 tablespoons raw cane sugar
2 Limes: zest and juice

1. put all ingredients in a cutter and blend well
2. Mix with one third of frozen-yo-mix and freeze for 5 hours


* Blackberry-Rose-Mix

150 g fresh blackberries
6 tablespoons raw cane sugar
5-6 tablespoons rose water

1. Blend all ingredients well in a mixer
2. Mix with one third of frozen-yo-mix and freeze for 5 hours


* Honeydew-Melon-Citrus-Mix

1 orange: zest
1 lemon: zest and juice
 2/6 honeydew melon

1. finely slice melon
2. Blend all ingredients in a mixer
3. Mix with one third of frozen-yo-mix and freeze for 5 hours

If you should have too much of the flavor-mixes, just put the rest into the fridge. It tastes awesome with fresh yogurt or some muesli.
If you would like to prepare a skinny version of it:

1. leave away 50-100 g of sugar
2. leave away cream and take 200 g more yoghurt





xoxo, Florence