Hi people!

I am a 22-year old English and Geography Student and I really love cooking (you might have guessed that already). As you see, I suddenly got some kind of impulse to share my kitchen-experiences with the ones who are interested in it (or who are just too hungry to close this window) and therefore slowly made friends with this blog here, my first one.
What I aim at is bringing some colourful ideas and inspiration into your own kitchen and sharing the enthusiasm for cooking fresh meals.
I think cooking a fresh and healthy meal and taking the time to do so does not just mean preparing your daily food intake, but being creative, being thoughtful and respectful towards your body (and it's a nice and tasty amusement, isn't it?).
Cooking may unite people that normally don't have much to do with each other.
Creating new recipes, I always learn something new (such as "never try to bake cakes in the microwave" or "never try to speed up things by turning up the heat").
You see, not everything that comes to my mind actually does work out in the end... But I think that's what makes cooking appealing to me: you never really know what the result will be like!

Okay, enough of the chattiness!
I hope you'll enjoy reading my blog and will try out some of the recipes. Your ideas, inspiration and advice are welcome at any time!

If you would like to use sime of my pictures please only do so after having contacted me (see FIND ME) or with using the direct link to my blog! I spend a lot of time and effort on them and recipes as well). Thank you!

In this spirit:

enjoy cooking, enjoy your meal and enjoy doing this with the ones you love!

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