Sunday, May 25, 2014

summery interlude: jasmine-lemon-vanilla-cookies

Good afternoon, cookery-addicts! How are you? Long time no see, I know.

Every six months I become kind of jittery, twitchy, in short: a bag of nerves. I am bustling around and giving off sentence-fragments like "too much", "can't do this" or "not going to pass"! It's exam-time at university! 
That's why you did not hear so much of me recently. However, by now I am so fed up with learning, that I decided to come back for a quick, sweet, consolatory interlude:

Here's what I have created between books and articles and essays and readers:

Jasmine-Lemon-Vanilla Cookies
The Cookies recipe is based on Martha Stuart, 
thanks to her cookbook I am able to survive right now ;-)


1/4 cup dried jasmine blossoms, finely ground or hashed
2 cups spelt-flour
1 cup butter, room temperature
2 eggs
1,5 cups cane sugar
3 teaspoons vanilla bean paste
2 lemons: zest
1 teaspoon baking soda


1. Whisk butter, lemon zest, baking soda, sugar and vanilla bean paste
2. add flour, eggs and jasmine blossoms and form a dough
3. pur dough into the fridge for 30 minutes
4. prepare a plate with some cane sugar, form litlle bowls with the help of a tablespoon and roll in sugar, place on baking sheet
5. preheat oven on 180° and bake for 11 minutes

ENJOY summer and don't be stressed (for whatever reason)!

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