Friday, June 13, 2014

save the pasta for last

Buonasera a tutti!
Do you already smell tempting italianità by looking at this picture? I hope so!

Whenever I had a hard day, I kinda really feel like eating pasta. Always. And I can tell you: It's a pretty good compensation for whatever has happened during the day. First of all: it always works. secondly: it is easy to prepare (except for me, for I always boilover that damned stuff, but I got faith in your abilities...). Thirdly: You can do whatever you like with it (as long as you PLEASE do not add chocolate sauce or mix it with other carbohydrates or something weird! But I have also got faith in your common sense and your love for pasta).

So, given the fact that I had my last, but also hugest University-exam in geography today: guess what I had for dinner? Pasta, yeah! And as it was pretty hot today I had that version of it:

Tepid Penne-Salad with Chicken-Breasts, grilled Veggies and Tomato-Olive-Herb-Dressing

ingredients (6 people)

750 g Penne
250 g pelati
1 zucchini
1 eggplant
400 g chicken breast
200 g dried tomatoes
3 garlic cloves
175 g olive paste
1 handful fresh origano
1 handful fresh thyme
2 handful fresh basil
1,5 dl olive oil
0.5 dl balsamico
salt, pepper


1. bring water in a large pan to a boil, add chicken breasts and cook well, then put aside, but in fine slices or cubes and add some pepper
2. preheat a pan with 0.5 dl olive oil, finely slice zucchini, dried tomatoes and eggplant and roast well, put aside
3. after having taken out the chicken breats, use the water for the Penne to cook
4. mean while, blend pelati, olive paste, rest of olive oil, pressed garlic cloves, balsamico, thyme, basil, origano, salt and pepper in a cutter
5. Mix everything and stir well

Buon appetito!

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