Monday, June 29, 2015

La Vie en Rose: Romance and White Plums for Dessert

Hey lovely folks!
No, unfortunately life is not always 'en rose'. Not for me, nor for anyone else. But I am gonna let you guys in on my magic trick today, which will help a little bit when life seems all confusing or grey or nerve-racking or just way too bitter for a sweet-tooth like you are. 

And, people, lazy Miss Sweet-Tooth has FINALLY managed to finish her papers. Next big thing to do is shelving that Bachelor's Paper that's waving from the corner of the eye. Gosh, certain things never change. Time pressure has always been and will always be the best motivator in the humble history of my life. And, well, I do have some excuses to postpone Uni-stuff. Honestly!
For I have planned some 'totally-worth-looking-foward-to-like-crazy' trips. First of them is a - tadaaaa - surf-trip to the South-West of France. Have I surfed before? Of course not! Am I gonna make a fool of myself? Absolutely!
Second trip is one week of Brighton with my best bud. Hope that's gonna be less of a challenge for my ego and more of an inspiration for the little, hungry, eager cook in my head. I hope I'll be able to convince myself that Britain is more than sausages for breakfast and fish and chips. I am sure it is. Otherwise: Brighton, you have three weeks to make a big change in your eating habits!

But before I leave I am gonna make your lives get a bit more rosy, lovely, tender. I got a bunch of marvelous dried rose blossoms and I could not wait to use them! (With a little thanks to my Dad's girlfriend at this point. Yes, unfortunately these wonderful guys are not growing in my own garden).
In order not to make my new rosy friends feel alone, I thought I'd go get them some roundish juicy bodyguards, also known as yellow plums. And there we go for this healthy, easy, fruity, energising, summery recipe:

Coconut-Roasted Yellow Plums with Rose-Lemon-Syrup

ingredients (4 people)

12 yellow plums
1 dl of water
1 handful of dried rose blossoms
150 g cane sugar
1 lemon
3 tablespoons coconut rasps
2 tablespoons coconut oil


1. bring water, rose and cane sugar to a boil and let simmer
2. grate lemon, then press and add juice to rose-syrup
3. cut yellow plums, preheat a pan with coconut oil and quickly roast them together with coconut rasps
4. sieve rose syrup
5. serve plums with syrup and add some lemon zest on top

This tastes awesome with some biscuits, black coffee or yoghurt! The whole preparation won't take you any longer than 15 minutes. So, go get your friends and celebrate summer and, of course, la vie en rose!


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