Sunday, August 10, 2014

when it comes to the crunch

Good afternoon, guys! Having a nice weekend?
Between writing a paper for university (not cool), doing some side jobs (well, yay, not broke anymore) and looking forward to my 21st brirthday (super yay!!!) I finally found the time to create something new for you. Some crunchy stuff, actually. 

At the moment I often sit in front of my computer for a pretty long time (exactly, for the aforesaid paper and other distracting stuff). When I am done with that, I am suprisingly successful at pushing myself to do some sports (which is a pretty big deal for me) and then, when I finally get home, it is the little things that make me the happiest person alive: putting off my shoes, making myself an iced coffe and a little snack, gathering my beloved ones around me and getting a last glimpse of the evening sun (as long as there is any, sigh).

So, to celebrate the fine little things life offers, I created a snack which conveys that mood perfectly. A snack which forces you to take some time, sit down and relax, enjoy, be happy.
Here it is:

Hazelnut-Rose-Coconut Cantuccini


220 g flour
50 g coconut flour
75 g maple juice
3 eggs
3 tblsp. rose water
150 g raw cane sugar
150 g Hazlenuts
1,5 teaspoons baking powder


1. preheat the oven on 160°C 
2. mix all ingredients well, form a lengthy roll of about 4 cm height 
3. bake for 40 minutes
4. let cool down, then slice (about 0.5 cm thick) and bake for another 10 minutes

ENJOY with some fresh (iced) coffe!
See you, guys!

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