Sunday, March 15, 2015

flavour runner

Hey there, (shrinking number of) fellow readers!
How are you? So sorry I am somehow freezing you of at the moment. My personal busy-and-stressed-factor increases proportionally with the number of weeks passed at University. BUT! I have an announcement to make. One that will hopefully also influence you,
beloved cookery addicts out there, a bit (don't worry, it's most probably not gonna hurt you!).

Dramatic pause. Another dramatic pause. 
I am going to try to survive a 20-km-run within 6 weeks. Don't know which scumbag came up with this glorious idea. Oh yes, I do, it was me! 
And, turning this brave plan into reality, I will defintely need to adapt my
nutrition a bit (which, logically, is the part which will also influence you guys). I mean, I have my role-model-moments in my second home aka kitchen, but I do also have other, well, less glorious phases (Did anyone say cupcakes? or frozen yogurt? or tons of almond butter?). 

So, after Day 1 of my (crackbrained?) project, which comprised a 60 minutes up-hill-down-hill run, I decided to go for an extra healthy snack with two ingredients that are especially recommended for runners: salmon and avocado. Thank god, I do not only love sweet, sticky dentist's-nightmares but also superfresh omega-3-bombs.
Oh, and if anyone of you should happen to be interested in my (longingly anticipated) progress and even more healthy recipes, muscle-ache complaints and whatever bothers me, please follow me on INSTAGRAM:

And although I do definitely not expect you to follow my example and to run like a raving loony, I really do hope you will prepare this awesomely quick and healthy lunch-snack and think of me (just a little bit).

Avocado-Salmon-Salad with Sesame-Lime-Cumin-Dressing and Origano


1. finely slice avocado
2. mix soy sauce, sesame oil, juice of lime-half, curry powder, cumin and pressed garlic clove
3. arrange everything on a plate, top with dressing and origano

As easy as it gets, right?

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