Saturday, March 28, 2015

the cream of the crop

Good late saturday morning! Doing fine?
Today, I brought you guys a raw and vegan dedication to all the sweet tooths out there with a little help from my best friend, the avocado. It seems as if I was just not capable of cooking without him lately.

Guys, there are moments, phases or days where actions speak louder than words. Today is such a day. I have had a frustrating week concerning running-practice and I really do not know how to make these 20 km with a left knee that is behaving like an old diva. So let's better turn to more pleasing stuff: the recipe I brought you and, basically, avocadoes! I mean, those green, fatty, pear-shaped little guys are just so talented in the kitchen! Up to now I have always used them for salty snacks. But it turned out that they make utterly loveable companions for sweet stuff, too (especially in vegan kitchen, which I am again indulging to today)!

However, we should not forget the second multi-talent used for the creamy comforters that will hopefully soon accompany you, my dear fellows, as well: silken tofu!
I have always been very skeptical towards this wobbly, indefinable thing. But I have definitely made friends with good guy silken tofu for it is thanks to him that you won't be able to distinguish the vegan recipe from today from a non-vegan one!
Oh, and finally, I have added some coconut flower sugar my Mom bought me, in order not to sweeten the lovely thing I created with empty calories only. (Sounds good, doesn't it?)

So after all this fulsome praise, let's finally reveal what the praiseworthy actually is!
Let's summarize: In main parts we have avocadoes and silken tofu. Then, there's coconut flower sugar, agave syrup. oranges, vanilla and, of course, chocolate! Last but not least, the little dessert-beauty is vegan, supereasy to prepare and healthy! What more could one want?
Try this:

vegan chocolate-orange-cream with coconut-flower-sugar and vanilla


2 ripe avocadoes
400 g silken tofu
75 g coconut flower sugar (raw cane sugar works just as well)
75 g agave syrup (you might also like to add some more, depending on the size of your sweet tooth)
1 teaspoon vanilla bean powder
2 oranges, zest and juice
150 g dark chocolate


1. blend avocadoes, silken tofu, orange juice and zest and vanilla bean powder in a mixer
2. melt chocolate with agave syrup and coconut flower sugar
3. add chocolate to avocado-cream and stir well
4. refridgerate for 1-2 hours


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